Happy Homeowner

Barbara B, a homeowner in Owings Mills Maryland called Pikesville Tree Service to trim, thin out and remove multiple tree branches that were by her home. Pikesville Tree Service was able to complete the job and went above and beyond by removing some brush that was left over on the side of the property by another company. Pikesville Tree Service cleaned up all the branches and twigs. Ms. B was very pleased with our efficiency and ability to do the job in a timely fashion. Ms. B also stated that she would recommend Pikesville Tree Service to her neighbors in the Owings Mills area.

Storm Damage

The phone rang off the hook at Pikesville Tree Service following a late winter storm that cut through Maryland bringing 70 mph winds with it at the beginning of March. The storm caused extensive damage to some properties and left a quarter of a million people without power. The severe and persistent winds resulted from a fast-strengthening storm off the coast and a high-pressure area over Illinois. The storm resulted in fallen tree branches, uprooted trees, downed power lines and damaged roofs throughout the state. Richard Chaim Abramson contacted Pikesville Tree Service because the property he manages, Cambridge Square Townhomes in northeast Baltimore near Towson, suffered significant damage from the heavy winds. A tree fell onto the end unit of one of the buildings at Cambridge Square, resulting in damage to the front supporting wall and top floor plus some roof damage to the adjacent unit. Assessing the extent of the situation, Mr. Abramson said he needed “the experts.” He was familiar with Pikesville Tree Service, as he had utilized their service personally a little over two years ago when he first moved to the Pikesville area from Upper Park Heights. The white oak tree required special equipment to be brought in from out of state for its safe removal from the property. Mr. Abramson said he received an extremely professional response from Pikesville Tree Service, with the company arriving within days to assess the damage and outline the necessary steps to bring the 60,000-pound tree down safely. The crew, [...]

Fast Service

Large trees and low hanging branches can be a recipe for disaster, especially when small children are involved. Removing low hanging branches proactively is just one of the many services offered by Pikesville Tree Service. Tom and Kathy Egan recently moved to Windsor Mill from Portland, Oregon, to be close to their grandchildren. Mr. Egan regularly takes care of his three-year-old grandson who likes to swing on the branches in the yard. There are several large trees on the Egans’ acre of property, with several of them causing safety concerns, especially with a rambunctious toddler investigating. Mr. Egan contacted Pikesville Tree Service and Mike Sugarman came out the same day to provide an estimate. After providing the estimate, the crew was able to remove two huge branches off the hickory tree the same day of the estimate. The branches removed were approximately 35 feet long and 14 inches in diameter. The crew used a combination of tools, including chain saws, a wood chipper and leaf blowers. Mr. Egan said his entire experience with Pikesville Tree Service was terrific and he would highly recommend them to anyone. He indicated the crew were gentlemen and all business while they were working. Mr. Egan did not seek out other estimates as he felt the price offered was reasonable and fair, especially with the promptness with which the branches were removed.  

Trim Tree Damage

Mr. Wise, a homeowner in Owings Mills, MD, called us to come out and trim back his Evergreen tree. The tree was up against the house and was causing damage to his house. He got multiple estimates from other tree companies, but he went with Pikesville Tree Service. He was so impressed with how our company being so punctual and efficient. He told us that Pikeville Tree Service was so easy to deal with, if he had any questions or concerns about the work being done. When our crew showed up to do the work he asked if he could add on more work for us to do. We told him yes, we can do the additional trimming of your crepe myrtle and other Evergreens. This work was done in Owings Mills, MD where he told us he will recommend our company to friends and family.  

Massive Tree

David, a homeowner in Towson, MD, had a massive tree next to his garage and was looking to get the tree removed before any limbs fell on his garage. He trusted Pikesville Tree Service to get the job done for him at his house in Towson. He was so thankful to us that we removed his tree so cautiously and preventing any harm to the surrounding area. David’s property looks even better now since we removed the tree on his property in Towson. David is recommending Pikesville Tree Service to all his friends and family.

Saving Cindy’s Garden

Cindy, a homeowner in Reisterstown, MD, who really loves her yard to look charming and immaculate, had a cluster of 6 medium sized trees in one of her many gardens, unfortunately all those trees died. Pikesville tree service was able to remove those trees without causing to much damage to her beautiful landscaping. We dug up the plants that were surrounding the trees and replanted them once the trees were removed and the stumps were grinded. To minimize the damage a truck can cause to a yard we put down boards to drive on. Thankfully we were able to replant the plants and Cindy was able to plant new trees in her garden at her charming Reisterstown home.

“Great job today! This is my new tree company.”

Mr. Jones, a homeowner in the Towson, MD area, called us to clear trees that were taken down by another company and left behind.  He needed the job done as soon as possible, as he was in the middle of adding an addition to his beautiful Towson home.  We were able to fit him in our schedule the next day, as we were in the Towson area for another job. Besides removing the downed trees, we also removed a tree closer to the wires that the other company did not take down. We also stump grinded the stumps down along with tracing their roots. Mr. Jones was extremely thankful and happy with our job. To quote him “Great job today! This is my new tree company.”  

Pikesville Tree Service Helps To Avoid a CATastrophy!

This week we received a request for a Cat Tree Canopy Rescue. We were happy to respond and retrieve  the kittycat from its precarious position. The request was a referral from Facebook. (See the image below). We are always available to help.  Call us for all your Tree and CATastrophic emergencies :-) Posted on Wednesday, April 26, 2017