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April 1, 2022

Legend has it that young George Washington confessed to chopping down his father’s cherry tree, illustrating to us that he “could not tell a lie.” We have no idea why he did it in the first place or what type of hatchet he used. But of one thing we can be certain. If George had had the tools we have today, it could have spelled disaster for his father’s entire cherry orchard. Fortunately, he didn’t have them, but we do. And it takes a qualified person to be able to use them properly.

If you needed heart surgery, to whom would you turn? The best specialist you can find in the area of expertise you need, or someone who is really good at drawing ❤️s? Or perhaps someone in between, who knows where your heart is located and may have witnessed surgeries himself. Eh, maybe that’s not quite good enough either.

When it comes to tree trimming, pruning, or removal, whom you hire can also have serious consequences. Whether you need tree work done to enhance or protect your property, or to clear an entire lot for construction, a wise move is to choose a specialist in this field. Simply owning a truck, some rope, and a chainsaw does not qualify one. Furthermore, if an uninsured, unqualified contractor does some work, and something goes wrong, insurance companies will refuse to pay for the work or any damage they may have caused. 

Trees come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and conditions needed for growth. There are over 60 species native to Maryland alone. Naturally, different trees will require different methods of care and trimming. Pruning may need to involve more than one person to simply climb the tree and trim branches. Will he make the correct cuts for the tree’s optimum health and beauty? Where will the branches fall? Only a professional will have the know-how to make these decisions and how to best approach the tree. Often special equipment is needed even for pruning, particularly when the tree is very tall or located in a tight space, and all the more so when removing a dead or decaying tree.

Y&L owns and uses a variety of heavy specialized equipment, such as a spider lift, which operates using hydraulic power. This machine is really a marvel to see. 

Reminiscent of the movie, “Transformers,” it has retractable tracks, allowing it to enter small spaces such as a gate into a yard. This “boxy” piece of equipment has legs that open up and expand while a long boom lifts the bucket capable of holding 500 pounds, 69 feet into the air. Its operation is usually supported by a multiple-man ground crew. In many cases “rigging” is employed, where ropes are tied to the branches to be cut and lowered to the ground in a controlled way by the ground crew. Other times, different machines may detach a tree from the base while the crown is attached by ropes to another machine, pulling the tree in the right direction. 

Y&L buys spider-lift machines from Teupen USA, a company that is serious about their equipment and services them regularly. Every six months they come to Baltimore from North Carolina to do regular preventive maintenance. 

Different scenarios call for different pieces of heavy equipment. For example, recently a large tree which had fallen onto a building had to be precisely and gingerly lifted off the roof. In this case, two massive cranes were employed as well as other machines. Some of the very powerful and efficient machines Y&L uses for tree work include Rayco diamond-tipped stump grinders, Morbark wood chippers, which turn wood into mulch, and ASV skid steers. 

In addition to being experts in tree removal and other types of landscaping, Y&L’s crews are enthusiastic about their work and perform well together as teams. Just as it’s always better to hire a great doctor with a good bedside manner and positive attitude, it’s a big plus to hire landscaping experts who are passionate about getting the job done right. 

With over 20 years of experience, Y&L has the knowledge and expertise to handle any landscaping situation safely and efficiently. Don’t be fooled into thinking that a lower price could save you money. Just as you are careful when it comes to your personal health, the health and safety of your property should be your foremost concern. Whether you need a tree removed from your yard, trees cleared from a lot for construction, or emergency tree removal, Y&L’s full-service expertise is the wisest choice.