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Storm Damage

Storm Damage

December 12, 2021

The phone rang off the hook at Pikesville Tree Service following a late winter storm that cut through Maryland bringing 70 mph winds with it at the beginning of March. The storm caused extensive damage to some properties and left a quarter of a million people without power. The severe and persistent winds resulted from a fast-strengthening storm off the coast and a high-pressure area over Illinois. The storm resulted in fallen tree branches, uprooted trees, downed power lines and damaged roofs throughout the state.

Richard Chaim Abramson contacted Pikesville Tree Service because the property he manages, Cambridge Square Townhomes in northeast Baltimore near Towson, suffered significant damage from the heavy winds. A tree fell onto the end unit of one of the buildings at Cambridge Square, resulting in damage to the front supporting wall and top floor plus some roof damage to the adjacent unit. Assessing the extent of the situation, Mr. Abramson said he needed “the experts.” He was familiar with Pikesville Tree Service, as he had utilized their service personally a little over two years ago when he first moved to the Pikesville area from Upper Park Heights.

The white oak tree required special equipment to be brought in from out of state for its safe removal from the property. Mr. Abramson said he received an extremely professional response from Pikesville Tree Service, with the company arriving within days to assess the damage and outline the necessary steps to bring the 60,000-pound tree down safely. The crew, which included 10 different individuals over the course of a week, started work to remove the 100-foot tree within 72 hours. They used a crane, three different pick up trucks, a log truck, a chipper truck, chain saw ropes, harnesses and safety gear.

Mr. Abramson found the pricing competitive with other companies in the area and said he would absolutely recommend Pikesville Tree Service in the future.