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Lot Clearing

Are you someone who needs our lot clearing services? Do you have a big lot in the Baltimore area that has become an overgrown problem? Do yourself a favor and call Pikesville Tree Service about our lot clearing services.

Do you spend most of your vacation time mowing and trimming? Our lot clearing services will take care of it for you. Let us clean out the grass and growth that hassle you every spring or fall. We will clear away all the shrubs and brambles, as well as mow the grass.

Cleaning up your property or lot, especially adjacent to neighboring property is certainly a neighborly thing to do. Clearing an overgrown lot most certainly makes the property far more appealing to you and your neighbors. In addition, cleaning up a lot also keeps rodents and other vermin from taking up residence.

Maybe you are considering building a new home or other structure in an area that is currently populated by trees and large foliage, we can clear out that lot to make way for the new construction. We don’t do large acreage logging, but we can certainly take your property lot and make it clear of trees so that you can begin building.

Pikesville Tree Service lot clearing services will unclutter your property so you can see what you have under all of the cedar or brush thickets. Our process of clearing lots leaves unobstructed property that builders tend to appreciate. Regardless of the brush and tree thickness, we are capable of grinding our way into the property, leaving behind a mixture of mulch and sawdust, which will serve as a soil enhancement on most properties! (Of course, we can remove the byproducts if desired.)

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