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Tree Removal

Removal of dead trees, trees causing structural damage from roots, or diseased trees.
What are some of the signs you should be looking for?
  • Dead Limbs: Any large limb or branch without foliage should be inspected. This could be the first sign that your tree is declining in health.

  • Leaning trees: If your tree is leaning, there is most likely root damage. Leaning trees can fall and create more headaches for homeowners, causing damage to your house or other structures (sheds, patios, and fences)

  • Cavities: Some furry nature friends are prone to using trees for their habitat. In some instances, they create burrows within tree trunks (typically at the base of the tree). If you notice cavities or holes, we recommend having the tree inspected. These cavities could be a larger problem for the tree and can be deeper, hollower holes than you would expect.

  • Diseased Trees: Signs of disease vary by tree species. Some signs that you should look out for include spotting or discolored leaves, signs of fungi (mushrooms) on the trunk, cavities, soft/decaying wood, or peeling/ loose bark.

workers standing by large felled tree with house in the background

Emergency Services

Pikesville Tree Service offers 24/7 Emergency Response for storm damage. Whether a tree has fallen on your house, fence, car, or other structure; our team will respond immediately to address the situation. We work directly with your Insurance company to ease the burden of these terrible incidents.
To reach us after normal business hours, call our main office line at 410-487-4932 and select the menu option “Emergency Tree Services.” Your call will be forwarded directly to a Manager who can assist you, have your property inspected, and answer any questions you may have.

Tree Trimming and Pruning

What are some of the benefits of regular trimming and pruning practices?
  • Tree Health: Regular trimming and pruning of trees can vastly improve the overall health. This can limit or prevent certain diseases, help prevent the spreading of disease if your tree is already affected, create a strong overall structure to avoid safety hazards even during extreme weather, and improve exposure to sunlight and airflow. When branches are removed from a tree, its energy is refocused on the healthy limbs, promoting growth and creating a stronger and healthier tree

  • Curb Appeal: Trimming and pruning of trees can add an aesthetically pleasing curb appeal.

  • Increased Longevity: eases the chance of noticing pest or health issues and gives you the chance to address them before it’s too late. Reducing the canopy and overall weight of the tree limbs can also protect from any root system damage.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding can be completed during or after a tree removal project. Our machine will grind about 4-6 inches deep (below grade) converting the stump and part of the root system into woodchips. These woodchips will be spread over the cavity to limit any tripping hazard and will decay into rich soil within 1-2 years.
Don’t care for the look of the woodchips? Our team can remove the woodchips, install soil within the cavity, and cover the soil with grass seed and straw for an additional price.
A few things to consider:
  • We do not recommend planting another tree directly in this area until a few years after the removal. If you would like to plant a tree directly after, we recommend planting about 6ft from the initial stump.

Tree/ Shrub Planting

Looking to plant new trees or shrubs on your property? We can help! Our team can provide options on a variety of different tree and shrub species based on what you are looking for. Our team will plant new trees/ shrubs, install mulch, and stake and wire for support.

Tree Cabling

Our team can provide tree cabling installation as an option to help stabilize any structural weakness. This service can provide an improved appearance, help ease safety concerns, and promote future growth of the tree.

Lot Clearing

Whether you are looking to completely clear a lot of land of trees or have vines and debris that needs to be removed, we have the solution. Our team has the expertise and equipment to completely renovate your property and open up any space you please.

Why Choose Us?

With over 20 years of experience, we pride ourselves on affordable, competitively priced, and quality tree services for our customers. We offer our customers the attention to detail that larger companies often overlook.  If you need tree work, have trees you are concerned about, or just want to know the overall health of your trees, please contact us for a free, no-obligation estimate.

Experience: 20+ years in the industry.
Free/No Obligation Estimate: Our company offers free/no-obligation estimates. Our estimator will always provide his honest opinion on the health of your trees. Although we are in the tree service industry and have completed a number of removals, we prefer to save trees as much as possible!
Expert Team: Qualified climbers and crew members. Our field teams are highly trained and dedicated to this industry. They love what they do and strive to continuously learn new techniques and standards within the industry. Safety and customer service are their number one priority!
Safety Commitment: Our team is committed to safe tree care practices. Our team is consistently following OSHA procedures and holding safety training to stay up to date with the latest changes. Pikesville Tree Service is fully licensed and insured.
Customer Service: Our customer satisfaction is guaranteed. Our staff goes above and beyond from the initial phone call to the end result of the project.
Payment Options: We understand that being a homeowner brings a lot of unexpected headaches. We offer many payment options to ease the process for our customers.
Payment Options: We accept checks, cash, zelle, credit cards (charge a 3% fee), or direct ACH transfers from a safe link on our invoices.
Payment Plans: Pikesville Tree Service offers payment plans of up to 6 monthly installment payments for qualifying customers.
Daily Rate: Have an overwhelming amount of tree work at your property? Ask our estimator about our daily rate during your consultation and see if it’s a right fit for you.

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