Yes! We are covered with workman’s compensation and liability insurance. Upon request, we will provide proof of insurance. Due to the nature of tree work, we place a very strong emphasis on safety.

**Please be aware of uninsured tree services, whenever requesting tree service work all reputable tree services will provide proof of insurance.**

You may request an estimate by one of the following options:

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  3. Go to our Contact Us page and fill out a form that will be sent directly to us and will be answered as fast as possible

No, most homeowners are working during the day, so we frequently provide our services with out our customers present. It is helpful if customers mark the tree by spray paint or colored ribbons.

Trimming can be done any time of the year, the best time to trim trees is winter or early spring. This is due to the fact that trees are best trimed during the dormant season. This is especially true for oaks to help prevent the spread of oak wilt.

One way to tell if the tree is dead or dying is if it does not have any leaves any more. You can tell that it is dying or in decline if every year you see less and less leaves on its branches. Other ways to tell if the tree is dead or in decline include looking at its trunk for severe damage, disease, fungi, broken bark, broken limbs, stress fractures, etc. You can also look for exposed roots or roots that are consistently dry/brittle. Another way to tell if a tree is in decline is if it’s dying from the top down.

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