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Cats climb trees for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Being chased
  • Moved to a new/unfamiliar neighborhood
  • Hunting birds/squirrels

  • Not neutered/bully cats
  • Scared or spooked
  • To escape attack

While we may assume that the cats would just simply climb back down, there are many scenarios where this isn’t possible. In some cases, the shape of the cat’s claws prevents her from climbing back down or she became physically stuck. Some cats may be injured and unable to come down because the predator they are trying to escape is still in the area; in other cases, the cat is simply too high up or just too scared to come down.

At Pikesville Tree Service We are animal lovers!

SO that is why for most rescues where we just have to climb the tree and if we have to bring in other equipment / personnel we will charge $250 for those cost.

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